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Adsey @ 5 months old(Shih Tzu)

She runs and never gave up! This tiny little creature makes our home a brighter and happiest house ever in the Village. When Adsey came to our house, She was 2.5kgs. and not after 2 months of nurturing she turned 4 kgs. Yesterday, was here vaccination for Deworming. The Vet told us that it would be a 3 months scheme. Anyway,


After her Quick bath at the Tub. Here she is  and just laying down the floor and doing sa cute poses.


One good traits of this dog is that She’s so intelligent. I was able to train here some tricks. As you all know I’m a novice on that part. She can not fetch whatever things you throw.BTW, before you throw you have to say the magic word” Fetch Adsey”. She now recognize the command Sit, Lay down and Stay.

One thing also is that this dog falls under the category of “HYPO-ALLERGENIC DOGS”. Another reason why I chose her.


Adsey is her name, She’s a girl. She got a PCCI legal papers. All complete papers and knows only EUKANUBA. Adorable in everyway. Perhaps the best gift I ever gave to my Daughters. If you are planning to have one. You can asked me here. In the Next 8 Months, We will be selling some of her Cute Pups too.So if you are interested we can have it reserved.Soon enough you will see shih tzu puppies for sale” Adsey Got a Philippine Champion on her Bloodline listed on her PCCI. Her Father was a PCCI Champion. No wonder this Cute Shih Tzu is outstanding. I’m not a breeders of shih tzu pups but I want to make a clan of this breed. Probably maybe 3 of them in the house.

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