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Handle Bar and Front Brake system


Here’s an update of the On-going suzuki Crystal project of mine. Yesterday, I bought a replacement front brake system which  includes the Master, Brake Caliper with a free brake pads attach to it. I also get a new Rotor fits snugly into I know that I can have the spoke wheels true in to the truing machine or a manual truing on a bicycle shop.

Here below is the brake lever’s view together with my old Daytona Quick Release Throttle. Notice that the cable isn’t well aligned with the Master of the brake. Now I’m looking again for a replacement of this quick throttle.


Top View of the XRM replacement Handle Bar. Does it looks like a Raider Handle bar? Nope, The Hole is not fitted well for mounting. So I make it in reverse. I put the left handle bar fitted at the right part and vice versa.


Now here’s a sideview of the Nissin replacement Caliper. It fits nicely but it seems the brake pad aren’t getting the best space it should be. I tried to check with the suzuki hayate’s brake system and it did not eating a lot of the whole disk. I was thinking of changing the hole of the holder.


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