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Pasig City Bans Open Muffler for Motorcycle

Yes, Its true. The Pasig City government file an ordinance banning motorcycle with Open Pipe Muffler. I just saw one motorcycle rider being escorted on the sidewalk and asking for his license. The place was at Ligaya. As we all know, this place was a boundary of Cainta, Marikina and Pasig. So there where like 3 Deputized police roaming around there.

I don’t hate open pipe and I do use a Kitti Pipe when I have my Shogun Pro. It does help a lot for Cagers to get you noticed. And now maybe a lot of pasiguenos are pissed off with those motorcycle’s that have loud Pipes. Inconsiderate and selfish that’s why this ordinance are now being consummate.

So for now, bring back your OLD stock silent pipe if you are traversing Pasig city.



---I think the mayor did a great job implementing this.

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