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Sorry, I’m still here

oppps, The automatic published on blogger just kick off. Below this blog post is an automatic post that I have scheduled last February. As of now, I’m still here in Manila and still Counting eggs.

Now, Please disregard my last post below this.


Anyway, The Yuasa 4amps battery was a good battery. I’m having a conversation right now with a colleague and he told me also that his changing his battery with a brand GS. It also took him 2 years to change the battery. I’m thinking to change my battery to GS rather than Yuasa if that would be the case. Because the Yuasa battery cost me 1,400 for a 4amps 12 volts battery. while according to him the GS 5amps battery cost him 700 only. Isn’t it a good budget meal?

I remember I posted a blog about my HID and that was also the date I change my Motolite battery to Yuasa Brand.

CLick on this HID problem to check my post.

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