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Sam writes about King Solomon

There once king named  Solomon he lived in a castle  . his a servant  of god  and one day god told him that  god will forgive there sins  and Solomon  say it to all the people that god has forgive there sins . but the people did not believe that god will forgive there sins beacause at the first they didn't know god and  then one day god apear to all the people that he forgive there sins.they believe .
Believe in the lord

This was Sam’s Story. I just notice that she was asking questions on what is the english word for this and for that. She was using my Dell Vostro 3300 and I think when she was done, Shed just close the lid. With the settings on resume I was able to retrieve her composed Story. Actually it’s a true story from the Bible but it was her own words on it. I’m really amazed and happy to see my Kids Growing in the arms of the Lord. With fear and trembling and with dignity.

How about you? How about your kids? I pray that we build a community together with children fearing God and moving into His likeness.

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