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Daihatsu Charade 4EFE Conversion

It was a year long decision before I grab into the temptation to change my engine. Last 2007, I bought this Daihatsu Charade with a plan of changing its engine. So even though it's engine was not in good condition I still bite into the seller's bait. After I have it drove from Manila to Rizal there was no problem. I was a new driver and an owner with zero knowledge at all. First thing that went off was the aircon. It was working but still not good. It just been a monthly schedule going back and forth the Aircon shop. I then also remember I change the Aisin carb with a new one for the reason that the idling is not good. The RPM goes up and down the engine so the mechanic advise me to change the  carb and throw away the old one.

After a month I then decided to have it a General overhaul. Checking on the Piston rings, crankshafts, main bearing and clutch. I think the price for the labor was about 5K. I was able to use the car and was in good faith that the overhaul done to it was good and would last for 2 years. I was able to give it a shot and rode with it at ANilao,Batangas. Greatfully, we reached back our home on that trip.

But then after 6 months, the water broke into the combustion chamber. Mixing water with oil. The I came to realize that it was a fouled plug that makes it went overheat, thus ripping of the head gasket where the water push thru the pistons. So then again another overhaul was done. After a terrible 2 general overhaul and 1 top overhaul, my wife accidentally met a new mechanic.

A new journey for my Charade, He then decided to go for a top overhaul since we are complaining of white smoke from the exhaust tube. It cost us 1K for the top overhaul not too much. I was happy and was impressed of what Mang Bunny did on my charade. And because of this excitement, I give the good guy my respect. Eventually I was able to repaint the car and buy accessories for it. The worse thing happen again... I change a relay on the hood. I think it was the radiator's relay. I remember the name of the brand, Circuit, a taiwan brand. Wheeew I can't miss it since this relay gave me a terrible headache. I wasn't able to test it with my aircon working. I notice that when my radiator fan is running and you turn on the aircon it would stop. Does causing the temperature rise and make the engine overheat. It was the longest time of my life. Another Overhaul heat me. Changing now the Main bearing,Changing the piston rings and all other things like valve seals,seats and valve. An amount if you wouldn't imagine if I have just change the Engine after all.

SO then after a terrible 3 General OVerhaul and 2 top overhaul.I have then decided for a CHange Engine. A 4efe, non-turbo, that would fit my driving lifestyle. I just hope this time the spending escapade would stop and would save this Charade from dumping into the Junkshop. My Daihatsu Charade is now going to TT factory in antipolo for a Change Engine transplant. I already bought my engine at CINCO enterprises at JP rizal. Cost me all the peripherals together with the Engine 40K + the cost of the transplant would all amount to 60K. If only I have it change 3 years ago then maybe my charade I wasn't writing this down here. So for the next few days you will be seeing a lot of my post which regards to the transplant.

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