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Directions to Modular Overrev Shop at Taytay Rizal

I was asking fellow MCP forumers regarding sir Francis A.k.a Modular Overrev's address here in Taytay Rizal. Unfortunately, nobody knows where it was. Together with a co-blogger and rider Geri a.k.a Raredog who owns, We headed to Meralco Village and try to ask people and tricycle drivers regarding the place of the shop. The only problem is that they don't even know sir Francis or even a scooter repair shop inside the village. Nonetheless, because I saw the color of the gate on some pictures of Louie Cruz having his Suzuki Hayate Upgraded to a higher displacement. We then try to look for a white gate. We'll voila everything just went into the right direction. Good to know I saw a nice White car outside the house and also some motorcycle fairings hanging on the ceiling. From that point of my instinct I know we are right. I then ask if that was the house of Modular Overrev and indeed it was.

We then meet Nino, a brother of sir M.O., In case you are looking for Modular Overrev here is the address, Rupee corner Dollar, Meralco Village, Taytay, Rizal. 

Here is that signage

And here it the gate that helps me to know that it was sir Modular ovverev's house.

Below is a Map with directions if you are coming from SM megamall.

View Larger Map

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