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Melardenio Dot Com is back in business

After 3 months of hard pounding season galore. I finally back on my composure (I hope). So how do we kickstart the New Year? So first of all let me greet you a Happy New Year. I was thinking of doing a summary of my post last year but since I have a darn hardtime doing it. I would rather not.

So what are my plans for this year? Right now my Charade's ongoing project are still in progress. There are alot to be fixed on the car but its priceless. All I can say is awesome and great! i love this job. I was thinking of having a restoration shop but it seems here in the Philippines won't  fit in. So  I have to scratch and dump the idea out.

What are new on the blogosphere? Do you know? because honestly, I'm a bit burnout putting and writing my opinions here in my blog. Although its typically wonderful but there are times that you really want to stop writing and sharing information. As of the moment, I don't have any topic yet.... it seems my life is boring...charos.

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