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Farewell to a good friend

Wow, It's almost 3 years since we've meet. It was too fast that I have to let you go. Up until now I can't sleep. I was thinking am I doing the right thing selling you. Staring you at this picture makes me wanna ride. So what's special with this Super stock Suzuki Hayate?

Nothing fans, right? But what I love about this scooter is the performance and handling. They say I ride too fast and I ride hard but no, they are wrong. It was him that is too fast and too furious. It was him that wasn't humble enough.

A good friend of mine told me what have I done with this Scooter. I just nod and say, nothing. I know you will be in good hands. I hope that they will take care of you as much as I do. No Fake parts and No second hand but rather the OEM parts. I dream to have keep you for almost 1 decade but it seems we need to take a part. Right now this Valentine I've broken your heart. And I believe every Good beginning has a Good Ending. Maybe we part ways but I believe we will see each other again. I hope to ride once again. On the Zigzag road of marilaque, Traversing the corners of cool mountain haze.

To my PSRC family I will be gone for now and hope to get back again on two wheels. For now ADIOS! and Ride safe always.

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