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What's New and What's Hot?

In today's Information Technology age, A lot of info are swimming down my brain. I can't grasp it anymore and I can't contain such enormous  knowledge. Apparently, I was not blogging anymore. It was the New and it was the Hot on Melardenio Dot Com. Together with my new Mac Book Pro my blog came to sleep. For 1 reason, It was hit by Google Panda. I'm a bit discourage. The Big G strike and I can't redeem my composure anymore. All the Positions on ranking went out of the TOP 10.

Then only to find that not only me are not blogging anymore.  A good friend of mine already stopped blogging. I then ask him what was the problem. He told me his rank went down. I actually love to write my own stories here but the problem is that no one reads it. Why? it's non-sense and irrelevant. People like information on How to Do this and How to do that. They don't bother what you are eating and doing or what's in your mind. So what else should I blog about? I don't have my scooter anymore and I own a newly change Engine Daihatsu Charade. You know what, I just discover I have a gift on Showroom and Show type Cars. Am thinking to invest on BOOM Boom Pow Cars and have it as an entry on a Car Show.

What makes me busy? It's my Little Pocket Rocket, right now. I love revving and assembling all its parts. Now I was making my Instrument Panel gauge. I have the LED lights installed yesterday. I can see clearly now the gauges and the numbers. 

Here below is a video of how it looks like. Not that perfect but I think more beautiful than the stock one.

Would you like to comment?

I will then make a tutorial on how to make this simple conversion of LED lights from Peanut Bulb.

Another Hot...

The compant just issue a MacBook Pro but then again I won't tell it now. Maybe in a couple of weeks.

Till my next installment and God Bless.

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