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Apple MacBook Pro Review (OS X Lion)

The Applr Macbook Pro doesn't need a review anymore. It's actually a fact that everyone wants to have this Laptop. For me, its nothing more but a piece of junk. It's most likely the Ubuntu I have on my desktop. They are quiete similar in many ways. What do you expect they are both Unix coded operating systems. It's just that the Apple spoils to much their customers. They think to much of every logical operations in such a way that the user will not think so much.

I just notice how the OS X are very very easy. Although, I've been raise for 10 years on a windows platform. Migrating my Coconut mind doesn't make me sweat at all. I love the MAIL application on MAC book Pro. Its more concise and very easy to track conversation. It also has the features on how GMAIL works on its inbox. I also notice the iCal that was pre installed already when I bought it. I was able to synchronized my Gmail calendar. In this way, I won't need to visit my Gmail account to update my meetings and work task. Other highlights that I possibly observe so much is the TIME Machine. Its somewhat a restore point feature in Windows. No more blue screens and no more Freezing.

One more thing before I close this post. The Apple Macbook Pro is easy to put to sleep and wake up. Its like an iphone that once you push on the Power on button it will sleep and waking up is as easy as 1 2 3 ..and waking up from a deep sleep will again open all the application you left. So its like a cellphone that once you need are awake and ready to follow your orders. Technologies are working double time and so do we. So if you have additional comments on how APPLE MacBook Pro change your Computing life?

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