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Test Driving a Toyota 4efe DOHC (N/A) engine fitted to Daihatsu Charade

I just came from a road test. Yes It's around 11:20PM and I can't sleep. So why not try to hit the road with a new transplanted Toyota 4EFE engine. I drive the car on a 100kph  decelerating on SM Taytay. A bit scared though I manage to take risk. Why take risk? It's only me that will get injured by the way. In a heart of a Scooter rider where speed is nothing and hitting a 100kph is nonsense, Trying to hit the 100kph on a Tranplanted charade is a lot of braveness. You can't be sure enough if everything is in good condition. If all else are still bolt to each other and nothing came loose.

So the route was to go to Antipolo, unfortunately I decided to take left going to Ortigas extension. Hitting 60kph I nail the gas pedal to the floor. I grab 100kph but I felt the engine is about 2-3k RPM only. Wheeew powerful. The Automatic tranny is set to D only. I didn't take courage to put it on 2. Where a more high revving DOHC engine would come out.

I was able to reach Sta. Lucia on about 20mins... not to bad for a new driver... Going back was the same the only difference is that there are alot of pot holes. So the testing to be done now is the suspension. Unfortunately, I felt the Right side Shock absorber always kick out when I hit the pot hole. Maybe because of the spring I replace from a mitsubishi lancer. Nonetheless, when pavement is flat the car loves it very much. When I pass by Vista Verde I tried to set the tranny to 2,  I felt the Rev goes higher and I can't control the Steering wheel anymore. It seems that the engine is too powerful for the small body charade. I quickly change back the gear to compensate and put back the better handling of the car.

It was a mixed emotion of thrill and excitement. A rascal had risen again. I'm not a race car driver but I believe that when I drive I became a race spirited driver. One more thing, it pays back now all the hardship that I have poured into this car. Now I can't sleep after a heartpounding street race on the Ortigas Extension..hehehhehehe

bawi ka na lang mamang driver....

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