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Empty Head

Is this what you call when you don't have anything in mind? Or is this something that you have even  though you have lots of thoughts going on?

I've been observing myself the past few days and notice that I wake up early even I sleep too late. I only have 4-5 hours of sleep. I don't consider this a positive reaction since I love to sleep and when I say sleep..its a hibernation.

I posted on this blog title empty head because I'm a bit burn out with everything going on. Too many things to consider. A lot of extra curricular activities like setting up my project car, reading my Java programming book, doing some research for the MSaccess Database, Testing a new version of Automation, Installing a Playbox server, putting up a website, posting on a blog, being a mechanic to a Honda wave 100r, troubleshooting a connection problem, laying of cables in the TOC. So would you mind me taking a break?

No... for the moment I take a break I begun to slowdown and wouldn't be able to keep up. I think having an empty head is inversely proportional with having a Momentum for work. What is just good enough for me is that these all things listed above are just my Hobby. I find it enjoyable nowadays. Don't tell the Wife I love being outside.

So if you don't mind my empty head. I want to sleep and wake up again.

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