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Fire and Forget

I remember when I was a child there were stories like when I grow up I want to be a pilot, A rider, a race car driver and so on and so forth. A friend of mine told me he wants to be a pilot and being a jet fight pilot, he needs to understand what are the ammunitions he has on his plane. So he told me there is a missile that when you have your enemy locked, then you will just push the button and then the missile will follow the target plane. It was called a FIRE and FORGET. It was a sure hit during that time that when you got locked in your seriously dead man.

My article does do comprehend on the next article but rather its only a rhyme of what I am going to write about. Fire and Forget , like Live and Let Go. A month ago, I receive an email from an online application. It was from A handful of salary, Great accomodation and nice place to start a new life with the Family. I urgely asked them where they got my email address together with my phone. They told me that they saw it on LINKEin. Hmmm sounds interesting, ( I told myself) but not promising at all. As the replies from our email go back and forth like a ping pong ball. It didn't crack the egg of me having to work for them. It was not time on my part to Live and Let Go. I was not prepared at all since my mindset for now is to build my house here in Manila and be with my 3 Girls. I turn it down inspite of  the amount they are offering is an amount you won't like to Let Go. The answers boils down to PRIORITY and Readyness. I think my main priority is not working abroad. I don't know what was on my mind that time but believe me. I wasn't able to sleep. Two weeks of sleepless nights. Thinking ang thinking on what will I choose.

Life is like a rollercoaster ride. Somethings its happy and somethings its heart-pounding. One thing I came to realized. Even you have everything in this world but you don't have somebody to share with ITS USELESS. Maybe today you won't be able to understand but in God's time you will know. My main focus now is to Live and LET GO. Ciao

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