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Windows 2008 Failover Cluster with SQL Server 2008 Failover

The end has come and I have to configure this two HP DL 360G7 servers together with an Infortrend Storage as its shared disk. After 3 days of terrible install and reinstall of the software. Reading alot of blogs and how-tos over google search. I still wasn't able to run the Fail-over clustering thingy. Yesterday, It was supposed to be online but when I was to restore my database I wasn't able to open the drive at all. Poor me that I have to reformat the shared disk. Doing so removes it to the available storage on the cluster.

So after almost 5 times doing cluster and declustering I was able to memory each step and each IP address for each services. All the doubts and fictions in my mind dissappear after a successful configuration of the cluster. How cool is that I was able to save a couple of bucks because of this. Now it just gave me more confidence on Installing servers that cost a thousand and a million.

I was wondering now to continue my Microsoft Certification. I'm just checking which is which. Anyway, I think Microsoft still kicks out. All the available resource are over the web its just on the person on how he would cope with it.

Thanks for dropping by and If you need help you can post a comment here together with your email address and we'll try to figure out your cluster.

Here's a crashcourse on how to configure the failover cluster and SQL failover cluster–-part-3/

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