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Kung ikaw ang papipiliin Samsung or Blackberry?

Basta ako fanatic ako ng Open source. Kaya malamang ang pipiliin ko jan eh Samsung. Why? Simple.

Samsung now is top trending when it comes to their design and technology. Insatiate as I can say, this korean firm will like to succeed. As side from having the very sophisticated design they are far too cheaper compare to the IOS. Yesterday, My wife and I are roaming around the mall. All of a sudden she told me that she wants to buy a postpaid plan. I told her that I can do order for the additional plan but she has to decide which plan to get. There is Super UNLI and Super Duo. I was able to experience both plan and all I could say its much better to use the Super Unli. The problem that I encounter now is that the SMS messages  plays an important roll on my bill. It added so much on top of the Plan 599 because I avail unlimited call to GLOBE and TM. Add to that is the Landline option. Wherein you will be able to reach me by dialing my number on your landline phone.

So which phone should we choose? Since we have decide to have it SUPER DUO. Would you agree with the samsung phone or you think Blackberry is a dark horse.

Please help and share your opinion then.

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