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Curacha and Lobsters

Last weekend, We went to a beach somewhere in Nasugbu, Batangas. Got a great weekend with the colleagues and also with some seafoods I guess. It was my first time to taste a lobster's head. Don't ask why only the head. After all its free. So the Lobster looks like a Mixed breed of shih-tzu and Pitbull that when you put together became ShitBull or the most popular, Bull shit.  So here below is a picture of mine, Sucking on every corners of the lobsters vein. On the left side is a Curacha. It looks the same with the crab but it has a tail like the shrimp. Both taste like shrimp. I don't know what makes it special and cost expensive since it just taste the same as the shrimp.


Here's the suspect and nothing but a suspect. The lobsters don't have enough meat compare to a giant shrimp with a very thin film of skin. The lobster contains a very hard shell. You will need a very sharp knife to cut it into half. Anyway, for me is an experience and I would still prefer shrimp I guess.

The Suspect and the Victim

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