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A Review on an OLD Suzuki Skydrive

It is a privilege to write a review for the Suzuk Skydive 125. Launch in year 2010, Suzuki finally able to make their concept bike into a reality. A 125cc scooter of super small body comparing it to his predecessor Suzuki Hayate.

It's almost two months that I've been commuting. It was extremely a very exciting death defying experience of my life. I once rode a Jeep from Taytay to Katipunan at the edge of the door. So after 10 years I'm now afraid to do it. Thank God that He provides a scooter for me in order to spend more time with my family and also at work.

What's with the skydrive that I choose to have it as my 4th motorcycle? We'll I've been lurking in ph for almost a month looking for a MINT and Fresh Hayate. It seems they are extinct and the owners don't want to sell their beloved scout at all.. I even tried to look for Kymco Super 8 but the one I've seen and tested didn't pass my standards. And eventually, this 2 year old ,12,500Km odometer reading Suzuki Skydrive got my attention.

For the Review,

The Engine is smooth. No dragging and no squirking at all. The sounds are very quiet and no vibration at all. Just like my Hayate. This scooter doesn't have a Manual Choke for you to pull the lever but instead an Automatic one. The sidestand are not the same with the Hayate that when launch the engine turn off. Maneuvering over busy street is easy since its small when you are at the back of the stick comparing it to staring it at the front view.Breaks are not as good, I don't know if the problem is with the pads or its just the engine is too strong for the brake to handle. I still have to check for a better replacement. I might try Chicken brand for this.

Engine Response is great. It can take 80kph in a span of 10-15seconds. Way to go for a 125cc engine. Lights are futuristic although the headlights are not that bright in the evening. I might go for LED lights but still thinking about this.

Overall, I would put 8/10 rank for Suzuk skydrive.
I was able to monitor my fuel consumption. From my test, i got 34.4 kms/l. Not bad at all.

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