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Buying a Second hand Scooter? Here are some tips on what to check.

If you are going to buy a second hand scooter due to limited budget. I guess this are the things that I can  give you in order to have a headache free Motorcycle riding.

1. Check for Oil.

Scooter runs without a clutch. Meaning if there is no more wet sump shoe that is working on my oil then it should be a little cleaner.

2. Check for leaks.

Usually those leaks are on the valve cover and on the block and cylinder. This is very hard for you to determine through inspection since the scooter's engine area at the back and visual inspection is limited. If this will be the case, you might want to check the tip of the exhaust if there are oils then probably you have a loose compression piston or a valve seal that is already worn-out. Either of the two parts are defective.

3. Check for brakes and brake status.
Current scooters have a front disk brake and a brake shoe at the rear. Check the allowance of the lever from the handle bars. Check for smoothness when you apply a force. It should be smooth that no force at all that will hinder. Check also if the brake shoe are already worn-out. There is an arrow at the brake arm. This part is where you adjust your brake at the rear. Sometimes, this arrow will help you determine how thick or thin is the Drum brake shoe inside. Give it a try.

4. Check for tires.

Quality tires nowadays are far expensive, They almost cost the same price of a 17inch car tire. So better check the tire if they are still new. In case, its already in a replacement mode, then probably a better way to haggle for the last price of the scooter.

5. Most important of all, Registration and legal papers.
Check for the CR/OR. Check the chassis and engine number. Check on the CR if the unit are not encumbered. Check if the name on the Registration is the one you are transacting.

Enjoy your riding escapades with your OLD/NEW scooter. After all the hardworks come the relaxing ride of your well-earned second hand motorcycle.

Another thing, check for all the electrical components if they are working. Scooters are not hard to buy on a second basis. Since they are all automatic, stressing on the engine is not an issue as long as they are all stock. In order to check for engine issue. The first time you try and test it should be quiet. If you are unsure bring a friend who has experience with motorcycles. I'm sure he wouldn't miss out.

If you got some questions, Please feel free to comment below.

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