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How to improve TDS reading of your Water Refilling station.

I have been researching for water station owner's forum over google and it seems that nobody was able to put up a forum for Water refilling entrepreneurs. Actually everybodies concern is their main Product. The water. It should be clean and it should have atleast 6PPM and below. You will be able to read the PPM using a PPM reader. HM does manufacture this instrument and would cost you about Php 1,000.00 not bad for you to check your PPM everyday.

When I started to sell I was on the 18ppm. According to US standards the range for a safe potable water is 50ppm and below. Due to curiosity I still wanted to pull down my ppm.According to my technician I just have to backwash on my water softener and then Brine/recharge the resins and then do another fast rinse. The ppm did improve to 12ppm. Until two weeks it went down gradually. Now we are averaging from 6ppm to 7ppm on our PPM reader.

Until we hit the jackpot last week. When my operator told me that the PPM reading went to 23ppm. Alarming on my end that I ask him to do a backwash-brine-fast rinse on the water softener tank while the other two are just normal backwash and fast rinse. Until I also decided to clean the Product tank. Unhappy with the result I adjust the Pressure level that is going to the Reverse Osmosis. Usually the product pressur is 1.5 GPM and my waste water is 2.5 GPM. Just for the test I make it 1 GPM and my waste waster goes 4 GPM. On this configuration, you'll have a lot of water waste which means a bigger water bill this month. Amazingly, the PPM hits 4-5PPM. Voila! It just means that the RO are overworking and it cannot clean up the water because of too much pressure.

I'm just thinking if you are a waster refilling station owner and having problem with your TDS reading, this might help a lot I think. Hit me PM if you have questions.

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