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Skydrive 101: How to Remove Rear Wheel

Got the same problem? Do you want to know how to remove the rear wheel on your suzuki Skydrive? The idea came to my mind when I was trying to solve the issue on my Rear Brake locking itself after drying from an outburst rainfall last night. A quick check on the space and impossible to pull out the rear wheels. How lovely is the Japanese who design such innovative scooter. They might think that this scooter's tire didn't catch nail at all or any sharp object. Changing tire is also not a second option for our japanese friends. I then remember when I have suzuki crystal 1995, there where no mags wheels during that time and no tubeless tires at all. I remember we use to buy chenshin tire and IRC which are the best tires at that time. My Suzuki crystal has the same problem with the SKYDRIVE. You have to remove the exhaust pipe in order for you take out that Puncture wheel.

On the Suzuki Hayate the pipe has an adapter that you'll just loosen in order to remove the pipe. So, in order to Remove the rear wheel. You have to loosen the pipe's bolt. There are 4 bolts 2 are locate near the FAN and the other 2 are located at the Cylinder Bore. I think you need some wrench adapter and a Ratchet. Are you following?

On the other hand, I have another Idea that you won't be needing everything that I have written above. And that is for you to watch out on this blog for my next installment.

Keep it up Skydrive!  

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