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Vhong Navarro CCTV NBI video

It's been all over the web when you search for the CCTV of Vhong Navarro with alleged beating. With the news report of the CCTV thumbnails it seems to have realized that Vhong Navarro is telling the truth.

From a neutral point of view based from the CCTV presented.

At 22:38 Vhong Navarro went up to the Condo Unit

At 22:41 Deniece went down using the elevator.

The next sequence was Cedric Lee goes up the elevator.

If there was an attempted rape that according to Cedric Lee, He saw Vhong Navarro on Top of Deniece as per his statement, How could it be? How could you rape someone who is downstairs?

I don't know but this is something the Justice Department should check deeper and give justice to whom it should be serve.

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