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Suzuki Hayate Vs. Suzuki Skydrive Tire Usage

I have owned both these scooters, a Suzuki Skydrive and a Suzuki Hayate. I just notice that it is worth to review the difference between the two in terms of Handling, Comfort, Performance and Maintenance.

As far as I remember with my Hayate when I sold it at around 45K the clutch bell and clutch shoe are still intact. I don't experience any wobble while driving it. I can even take off my hands on the handle bar and still have no problem. On the Facebook page group of Suzuki skydrive many are complaining in this problem. Some think that its the Shock absorber, or the disk brake or the tires or even the dampening rubber of the chassis.

8 months ago I changed my Old tire with a new one. All of that same day the wobble disappears. I conclude on that they that yes, it's probably the new tire and also the Air pressure of the tire.'Right now, the problem came back although its manageable.

Suzuki Skydrive Tire Review

I also notice that My tire on Suzuki Hayate wears quickly. It might be because of the weight of Hayate compared to SkyDrive. Although, I also notice that SD had a good grip on the rear brake compare to its Brother Suzuki Hayate.

Fuel consumption is the same, 33kms/l. Comfortability I think it's the same with Hayate although I bought the SD already installed with aftermarket shocks. Thanks to the guy who fitted the scooter with the right shock. I think its a TTGR shock.

I haven't gone to a mechanic to check the Engine and the transmission. Although it's almost 10months after I bought it, it seems everything is doing great. No need for tuning the the carb and no adjustment yet for the valve clearance. I stay stock configuration that is why I don't worry about any problems.

What I love about Hayate is the Large underneath compartment which the Skydrive lacks of. If given a change to ride a scooter I will choose Hayate for Long ride and the Incredible small Skydrive for quickie rides over the metro. I hope to buy a new scooter soon with a larger displacement. God willing I will be able to post again a blog for the New Suzuki scooter.

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