My Own way of Sharing the World I see on my own Perspective.

The Fable of the Turtle and the Rabbit on its own Perspective view.


Tortoise's Perspective

I was minding my business peacefully when I heard hops coming from behind.

 I sighed for I knew where those hops are from. "Hey, Tortoise!" I turn around and saw him give of a mischievous and boastful smirk.

"What is it now, Rabbit?" I ask politely.

"Has anyone ever told you, you walk slow because of those short legs?" He chuckles then continues, "Look at my legs, they allow me to leap but yours they just drag you down.

 Maybe, you shouldn't walk at all." He then laughs. He finds this amusing. His words are true and though the painful truth hurts, I can't simply go down without proving I'm actually able. 

I won't go down without a fight. This rabbit has underestimated me too far. "How about this, then, my Dear Rabbit, let's have a race. You and me. At dawn. Finish line is at the peak of that mountain.

" I gesture towards the mountain. There's no harm in trying and I won't just let him underestimate me like that. 

Rabbit's Perspective 

"You're on!" I answer this measly Tortoise.

 There's no way he can beat me. Short legs, short strides. Just from that the champion's already decided. And that's of course, me. After that converstion with Torty short legs, I went straight to my cousins and my family. The moment they saw me, they greeted me after all, I'm the best of the best. 

"Yo cous', what's up?" One of my cousins asks while hopping towards me.

"Got a race tomorrow. Guess who I'm fighting?" "Who?" Everyone asks with excitement. I then answer with a chuckle, "The tortoise." 

They all laugh, "That's a joke, right?" "I'm dead serious." I narrow my eyes at them.

"Wait, really? but you can beat him easily." The same cousin asks me.

"He's the one who challenged me. Kinda funny that Torty short legs."

 I say then continue, "I need you guys to clap for me when I reach the top of the mountain since that's the finish line. And also, I need some of you to be on the sides of the race so you guys could discourage him. So he won't ever challenge me and he'll actually see he can't actually beat me." 

"You can count on us!" They all exclaim. You'll meet humiliation and embarassment, Torty Short Legs. 

Tortoise's Perspective

 Just before dawn I arrived at the starting line with a few of my family. "Are you sure about this, son?" My dad asks me with worry hinted in his eyes. 

I simply smile and say, "Of course, Pa! Do cheer me on!" He smiles at me but I can still see worry painted in his face. Each one of them were nervous but I must not give in.

I smile to each one of them and mouth, "I can do this." The sun finally has risen and Rabbit with his whole family arrived. They were loud and they kept boasting Rabbit will win. I'll surely show them, I'm capable. "Are you sure about this, Torty Short Legs? 'Cause you're gonna lose."

His whole family then laughs at that. "We'll see." I answer. Shortly after that banter, Civet has finally arrived. He was tasked to do the honors of starting the race. He positions himself in the middle. I glance at Rabbit and he sticks out his tongue.  "Ready?" "Set..." "GO!" 

The Civet shouts and both of us started to run. With my will and my drive, I can do this. A few moments later, I noticed Rabbit was already too far. I'll still push this. I can do this. I will not lose hope.

 "You can do it! We believe in you!" My family shouts and cheers from my left side. 

While Rabbit's family shouts, "Boo! Go quit Torty Short Legs!" I'll really show them what I am capable of and I'm not just Torty Short Legs.

Rabbit's Perspective. 

"There is no way he'll catch up at that pace." I say then look down at Tortoise. I knew it. I'm already half way while he's a few meters from the starting line. He can't beat me now. But all this is really tiring. Why did I accept this race while knowing I'll win in the end? "Such a waste of energy."

 I mutter then see a tree nearby, "I should just rest, there's no way he'll catch up anyway." 

And so, I drifted off too sleep under a tree with triumph in mind. 

Tortoise's Perspective

 "Phew! I made it halfway." I let out a sigh of relief. Then I notice a pair of ears popping out a tree nearby. As I pass by it, I notice Rabbit sleeping. I still have the chance to win because he was too confident he'll win. Just you wait now, my dear Rabbit. 

Rabbit's Perspective 

I woke up to the sound of shout. I rub my eyes and notice the sun is setting. I look forward and there I saw Tortoise almost near the finish line.

 That's impossible! "Move! Move! Run!" I hear my family shouts.

 But there's just no way that Torty Short Legs can actually beat me! I stand up and quicken my pace. I'm confused and I almost tripped. I see the finish line. I can still beat him! I still have the chance to--- The horn sounds signifying the race was won and I, Rabbit, lost. 

Tortoise's Perspective 

I cannot believe I won! This is everything I hoped for! "You did a great job, son! I'm proud of you!" My father says and everyone in my family congratulates me.

Just because my legs are short and I am slow, it doesn't mean I have no chance of winning. Because of my persistence and courage to push through I was able to win regardless of my pace. 

It is a lesson to everyone, indeed, not to understimate anyone because once they show you what they can do, you'll end up a fool for thinking that they're just that.

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