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Blogger: how to use a www custom domain for your blog


I bought this Domain a month ago.But I got disappointed on how it went to be. I wasn’t able to forward my domain to blogspot. Just like Jomar Hilario’s blogspot hosted on blogspot but the domain name is together with the permalinks. I was able to forward and mask my domain. But still the problem was the Permalink is not connected. It was masked. Then I type on Google, “ Custom domain forwarding” there I discover and try below the step by step procedure. Although this was about a year ago but still it’s working. I have here the excerpt from the website. Feel free to click on the source for further info.

Excerpt from the article source

This post explains how to get to work for your blog when you're using Blogger and want to use your own www domain name for your blog (instead of, and not just the "naked" I know lots of people have had problems with the www part, so I explain the fix.
It includes a step by step on how to change over smoothly to a www custom domain on Blogger, with screen shots for popular domain registrar GoDaddy and your Blogger dashboard.


For bloggers on Google's free Blogger blogging platform, for over a year now since the introduction of the now feature complete fancy New Blogger, formerly known as Blogger Beta, with its widgety goodness and enhanced developer-friendliness, you've been able to blog via Blogger's service and enjoy free webspace on, but use your own domain name for your blog instead of
For example this blog's main URL is now but it used to be (and that web address or URL still works to get you here, and my blog's files are still stored behind the scenes on

More at the source

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