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A reunion of a superb Batch

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It's been 14 years that we haven't see each others. Highschool friends and batchmates. How happy I was able to join our Christmas Reunion.Daming kwento kulang ang 8hours para i-kwento ang lahat lahat sa bawat isa. Nakakatuwang isipin na iba-iba ang intinakbo ng mga career namin. May Nakakagulat na ganito na pala sya ngayun at meron din na ganun na pala sya. Wheew... di ako makapaniwala. Pero ang galing!!!...

That's why I decided to record this in writing. How do they Do that. Roberto Kiyosaki write on his book. That sometimes, no, most of the Time, this people that didn't pursue to much on education are the one who earn much. I really believe in what he says. Why because this dropped out or not to much intelligent in terms of academics are people who are brave to fail. They take a lot of risk. Because they have nothing to loose at all. They didn't accept failure as a sin but they focus again on what to do not to let it happen again.

I admire you guys my batchmates who had planned better of me. But as the saying goes, Indi pa tapos ang laban. We still have half or 3/4 of our lifetime so keep it up batch mates!

Merry Christmas and More power to batch 1995, I wish you all the best!

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