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How to Adjust your Valve clearance in 1 hour (Suzuki Hayate)

Got a time to do-it-yourself this afternoon. I thought it was hard but it seems harder to remove all the plastic flarings of my suzuki hayate 125.After putting the Scooter in Top Dead Center (TDC) I then check the valve Clearance. The intake was set to 0.002” and the Exhaust is set to .006”. The stocj valve clearance was .004-.006 on the intake and .006 on the exhaust.

Hayate Valve Clearance (1)


I put it back to stock clearance. Although I know the Speed will suffer since the clearance is a little more bigger. Adjusting the Clearance is easy but configuring/setting the right clearance to the way you drive your scooter is a far harder.  I like the power on the .002” clearance but it sucks more gas since the valve opens more. The Lower the Valve clearance set the Higeher the opening of the valve inside the combustion. I will try next time to set it to .003” and let’s see how it handle the curve.

This me checking the valve clearance. I would also like to thank Nathaniel for helping me and giving me encouragement that I can do it too all by myself.

 Hayate Valve Clearance (2) Hayate Valve Clearance (3)

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