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How to install Bosch EC6 Horn on Suzuki Hayate


Installing a Horn in a scooter was always easy. If you know where to place it. Why you need a big astounding horn anyway? I put this Bosch EC6 Snail horn for a purpost. Last night I was traversing the Quezon City circle that all of the sudden this Honda CRV cut my lane. I tried to do a honk on my stock horn. And fortunately, the Cager just ignore me. It happen all the time. Cagers ignore Scooters with horn sound like pep peet…


Now to much for the background. The bosch EC6 cost 699.00 at ace hardware. No wirings and relay included.  I have spare Relay and wires I didn’t bother to buy. I just buy a terminal for the wire connecting to the horn terminal for easy installation and troubleshooting.


Here’s the box for the Bosch EC 6 snail type Horn.Now for the positioning of the horn. I have to removed the stock horn to accomodate the new horn. See below the Position for the Alto Hoef horn. This one has the higher range.  I thought I have to cut out the Horns cap. I have a hard time closing the handle bar.

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Side view of the Bosch EC6 horn. Please take special attention on the way I screw the horn. I intentionally screw it from the inside. I tried to screw the horn just the same with the stock but it lacks room . Also, take attention on the horn’s steel holder. I bent it a little bit. Pushing it will not help. You need a plier to do this.



Another closer look of the Front horn. I rearranged the wires that are within the horn.



Now for the Fun part. The Bass Horn location. I was trying to put it at the other side but there’s more room on this side. I need to drill on hole at the chassis. See a closer look by clicking the picture. More room on this side and you only need two set of nuts and bolts.

100_3429 100_3430 100_3431


It cost me Php 750 for this horn upgrade. The sound is perfect. It sounds like a big truck coming. No labor cost since I’m the one who rewire and add relay for the circuit. If you have questions please feel free to add your comment here. I will answer as much as I can

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