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Clark Strolling by day

Last Thursday I went again to Dream Satellite to pickup our Demo Unit. As expected we arrive early even though we left off after lunch. Nlex was fine no traffic at all. I was sleepy at the moment when my colleague swerve to the right for a cup of Coffee. Me say no, and headed to the store for a sip of Ice cold starbucks coffee. It was halfway off the grim when we decided to hit the road again. I let him drive for now and later will be me.

We arrive 4:30pm and have already pull-out all the units at 5pm. Very early to hit the Nlex since the car is ban from 3-7pm. We decided to take a stroll of the Clark Air-base. We turn left going back to clark’s airport. I just notice that the air-base seems to be a ghost town. Very quiet and peaceful. No crowds or people that are gathering. I was wondering if last sunday during the Hot Air balloon festival it was a Jolly and not as what I have been seeing right now.

There are also Duty free shops and supermarkets that are closed. It seems recessions had also hit the air-base. The last time I was in Clark was May 2001 when I bought my puppy at one of the shops there. It was sunday if my memory servers me right. I even notice the Go kart park that nobody is playing. It seems the race track has lots of pot holes.

How I wish clark air base will again be alive. Sana. sayang.

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