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Family Care Foundation Chile Earthquake Response


chile earthquake

Within hours of the 8.8 earthquake that struck Chile in the closing days of February (2010), a Family Care Foundation Project Partner is responding with immediate assistance for victims throughout the country. And FCF Project Partners will continue on the ground, responding to the most urgent reconstruction needs, as well as assessing livelihood needs.

The massive magnitude 8.8 earthquake rocked Chile early Saturday, February 27th, killing hundreds of people and triggering tsunami warnings for the entire Pacific basin.

The full extent of the damage was not yet known, although there were reports of collapsed buildings and hundreds of people in the streets.

The capital of Santiago lost electricity and basic services including water and telephones. Regional hospitals had suffered damage; some were evacuated. A major bridge connecting northern and southern Chile was rendered inoperable.

Chilean television showed buildings in tatters in Concepcion, with whole sides torn off. At least two buildings there were engulfed in flames, and roads in the city were broken up, video showed.

Television Nacional de Chile reported that only three stories of a 15-story building remained standing.

Numerous aftershocks -- including one of magnitude 6.9 -- were felt within hours of the initial quake, the U.S. Geological Survey said.
Please direct your donations to Family Care Foundation, allowing us to continue to mobilize workers to help these dear people find some measure of normalcy in their lives, after this horrendous tragedy. No gift is too small to help in some way.

want to send you donations online here’s the link.



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