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Now I see my Visitors

I was only using Google Analytics to see and view where my traffic came from. It was a bloggers must widget in order to view your visitors realtime. Feedjit is a free widget. You can choose from a

Live Traffic Feed-

Live Traffic Map

Recommended Reading

Page Popularity


Live traffic feed monitors the real time and origin of your visitor. From what link and from what location in the world. This widget is the one I’m currently using for my blog.

 Live traffic Map, is a small map where there are dots of red. This red dots are the origin of your visitor and it also includes a summary of all your visitor count.

Recommended reading- A random post of same topic from your blog. This will also help you in terms of visitors time duration.

Page Popularity- post that gained a lot of pageviews.

This can also help other bloggers since you are leaving a footprint of the last link you have visited. There is a small chance that it will also drive traffic back to your site.

This is what I love on blogging. Sharing.

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