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Phiten’s Mission

Phiten is named after "phi Φ," which symbolizes a perfect balance in the natural world. All our products reflect Phiten's uncompromising search for "health”. Our aim is to provide users with health-promoting technologies and products. Our products can keep users healthy through maintaining the balance of inside the human body.

Phiten’s Phild Processing

The act of "Phild Processing" titanium was originally developed by a Japanese chiropractor to treat muscle pain and stiffness. He soon found that his system was most effective when the body's electric current was in distress, mainly due to stress and fatigue.

The unique "Phild Processing" process produces a carbonized titanium powder, which is used in Phiten products. By emitting a uniform wave, the powder helps to seriously control electrical disturbances in the body. The elimination of pain and discomfort is almost immediate and some people feel pain-free for the first time in their lives. Phild Processing has been found to be effective for the temporary relief of pain from bursitis, sciatica, tendonitis, headaches, certain types of arthritis, and premenstrual syndrome.

About Aqua Titanium
Phiten's original technology causes titanium to dissolve in water to produce Aqua Titanium, which lets the titanium particles permeate each fiber of the material fabric. Titanium is a safe, cpyl1hypoallergenic metal with  strong, rust-resistant characteristics. Widely used in the medical and sports fields, this light metal also has the ability to regulate the body's natural electric currents through cell ionization. Thus users of titanium products can relax and achieve a better performance when playing sports.

About Aqua Gold
Using Phild Processing, Phiten successfully make gold dissolves in water to produce Aqua Gold. It can moderate the nervous system and maintain the balance of hormones.

What is Body Current?

There is always weak current flowing inside our bodies to transmit messages to control our movement. If a person is healthy, the current flows regularly. However, since people nowadays always work under pressure and surrounded by electric products, the flow of body current is affected and hence you will feel tired, stiff in muscles and pain in body parts easily. If the flow of body current is managed in a better way, it will make your muscles soother, enhance blood circulation and metabolic rate, and your body movement will become smoother.

Phiten’s products can help stabilize the current inside human body, which relieves pain and stiffness in muscles and joints and improves blood circulation and body balance. Our products are also effective for the temporary relief of pain from bursitis, sciatica, tendonitis, certain types of arthritis and numerous other conditions.


current_before current_after

Before: the current flows irregularly

After using Phiten’s product,
current becomes stable



xx In this experiment, photos showing body heat were taken before and immediately 30 minutes after Liquid Titanium was applied to the back.
The result: body temperature rose, back muscles relaxed, and blood flow was improved.

The heat generated acts in two ways. First the increase of heat in a localized area of the body relaxes the muscles and stimulates blood flow. Increased blood flow helps your body to better cleanse the bloodstream from pain causing agents. Secondly, heat blocks the free nerve endings in the skin to prevent them from sending pain signals to the brain, thereby helping you feel less pain.


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