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580KPH Top Speed on a Motorcycle


source: MCPHILS ON MARCH - 23 - 2010


580KPH Top Speed On A Motorcycle! Watch “Land Speed Shootout” in Discovery Channel- Turbo on March 25, 2010 (Thursday) 9:30 PM!

Motorcycle riders and enthusiasts, brace yourselves for the World’s Fastest Motorcycle.  Can you imagine going for 580KPH on your motorcycle? Witness how the TOP 1 Ack Attack broke the world land speed record for the fastest motorcycle on Earth!  Watch the “Land Speed Shootout” this Thursday (March 25, 2010) at 1:30PM and re-run at 9:30PM on DISCOVERY CHANNEL- TURBO.

The TOP 1 Ack Attack Motorcycle is built with Suzuki Hayabusa Turbocharged Engine with a displacement of 2,598cc and has 700-900 horsepower.  It uses TOP 1 Synthetic Motorcycle Oil to keep the engine cool and lubricated.  Getting your motorcycle to go 580KPH requires your engine to be over worked and is often in full throttle. Ordinary motorcycle oils will just dry up or evaporate when subject to extreme heat.  In order to properly protect the engine from overheating, the team decided to use TOP 1 Synthetic Motorcycle Oil.

For more information, call 994-6223.

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