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Facbook,fezbuk,facebok and another Faceebook

The Facbook and Faceebook is a experimental keyword of Facbook. You can check it on his site why( The fezbuk is mine. I wanted to try this keyword although not that very similar I think will be benefial. from the Google trends it has no searches except for one day.
But I do guarantee the other one will hit my blog.The Faceebook keyword is searched a year round.and still continue to gain strength.Just like the PSEi index.Kidding… I just read we are on a bull market run. Too much for the stocks.

Here’s the graph for the searches on the Keyword Faceebook.
Below is the SERP’s Competing pages I generated on searching the keyword Faceebook.
faceebook search
from the writing of this article.I will be monitoring this site and rank high on this keyword.If you didn’t know why this post was published you can read it here Make money online by sir Marghil.



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