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An officemate of mine named “Popoyfield”. Their Band a Punk Rock and roll. I added this keyword on my hijacking keyword. Let’s see how this one Top’s the Google Serp for Popoyfield.

As we all know, Popoy  is common name given to a old stranger. I remember an old friend of mine who is name is popoy. Then eventually given a named Popsy when the MENUDO fever cameout. Popoyfield, a bulacan band hangin around the metro. If you are looking for their website. Which I think they don’t have yet.

Their Genre: Punks.. sorry I don’t like punks. But I do support the Guy. Not because I don’t like the song I hate the singer. hahahhahaha… all ye!…. it’s just that I’m into something ear friendly.


Anyway, If you are looking for the keyword”Popoyfield” and looking for their site…

it’s not here…. But hey, this page with top rank on the Google Serps.


God Bless PopoyField.. more videos and songs to come.

Here’s their first MTV.


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