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Suzuki Hayate 125 Valve Clearance

I started my day from work riding my Scooter. No problem, no worry. It’s all stock. I grab a feeler gauge and tried to experiment on valve clearance. I tried calibrating my Scooter. Wow..hell’ya on me I’m now a mechanic. Eventually, riding the scooter with a valve clearance of .004” intake and .006” exhaust was a little bit slow. I tried another night again and open up the case and tried to adjust my valve clearance now I choose .002” intake and no adjustments on the exhaust valve. I rode the scooter for about 2 weeks. I feel the power and speed. But I also hear the tik tik sound. It seems like the scooter’s engine is mimicking a typewriter sound. Hmmm, this is not good. I told to myself.


I have it now done by a friends mechanic. I won’t tell who they are because they don’t want to be mentioned anyway. hahhahaha thanks to a good friend of mine Logun. and thanks to the mechanics that fix my valve clearance. Now it’s valve clearance is .002” intake and .003” exhaust. No more typewriter sound. I wasn't able to shoot a photo but will go back when I have my Bore kits and Cams installed. Now I know..

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