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Tostitos: Chips for your snacks

Even on my place Tostitos are great. They serve its purpose. Filling out our empty stomach while watching TV shows like Pilipinas Got Talent. I was trying to asked bloggers about how they like Tostitos while writing their blog draft. Some  of them answered that they like the dips. Out of the mild,medium and hot. The Hot wins over the medium. It seems Filipinos like spicy foods.


TOSTITOS® All Natural Chunky Salsa – Mild

TOSTITOS® All Natural Chunky Salsa - Medium

TOSTITOS® All Natural Chunky Salsa – Hot

Many and many Filipinos are looking for a more healthier alternative snacks. Although this food snacks are really more expensive than the local manufacturer. We are sure that we get a little more nutrition compare to junk foods.

If you to get more about Tostitos click here.

How do you want your Tostitos? in dips or not? Please share your Tostitos experience.

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