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Yamaha Mio 125

The Yamaha Mio 125 –Full Specs

mio125_bWhen it comes to Power-Speed-Looks You can’t go wrong with Yamaha Mio 125. All of them are combined to describe the NEW Yamaha Mio 125. Equipped with 124cc, liquid-cooled, SOHC 2-valve, 4-stroke engine.



This concept scooter together with the practicality of an underbone, a more powerful engine, and excellent for tight city traffic.



Unveiled in Thailand there has been nothing but praise for this little Monster. The new 125cc Yamaha Mio is surely an upgrade in technology,although the sad thing is that this Yamaha Mio 125 didn't use fuel-injection for there latest scooter,


Sad but true,the Yamaha Mio 125 is equipped with a Mikuni BS26 carburetor. But still they came with a bright Idea. With the use of specialized air-filters, high-compression ratio, and shaped combustion chamber Yamaha is able to meet the latest emission standards.


What is very unique with this scooter is that a  remote starter is included. Which means you can start the scooter from about 6 to 7 Meters. Although not a necessity on the part of the rider. But still it’s cool..what do you think?Luckily none of the creature comforts of a scooter have been sacrificed, either, with the Yamaha Mio 125.

Now the Ubox of Yamaha Mio 125 has space big enought for an open Face Helmet just like the suzuki hayate that a full face helmet can be put inside the Ubox.
I know how a 125cc runs and definitely if this bike came up with great Ideas I believe this one could be a supreme scooter in the philippines. I just hope they put the EFI kit before they Ship it in our shores.



Here are the Specs:

4-stroke SOHC 2 valves with water cooling. –Not 4 valves guys
Volumetric cylinder 124 cc.
Compression ratio is 10.90: 1. –Notice the Compression
Long cylinder hoist x 52.4 x 57.9 mm
Wet lubrication system.
Carburetor MIKUNI BS26 x 1. –NOT EFI for now.
DC ignition system - CD-i. (Digital).
C c the LEDs LEDs Alliance Alliance dry centrifugal type automatic retreat center.
Mobile systems start with electric start. And start the foot.
Fuel. Octane gasoline. Or gas Gasohol 91 or more.
Fuel capacity 4.2 liters.
Oil capacity 0.8 liters.
Transmission drive unit for a fast track the V-belts (V-Belt).
Reduced transmission rates from 2.540 to 0.838: 1.
Ratio 2.625 / 3.750.
Air filter paper (wet).
Types of steel frame frame.
View class routers / phase Resort 26.5 * / 95 mm
Length x width x high 685 x 1,850 x 1,060 mm
Height from floor to seat 750 mm
Distance from the ground up to 125 mm a
The wheel hub between 1,260 mm
Net weight / weight and full fuel tanks 99 kg / 104 kg
Suspension system.
Home Tele Cisco Capital c.
Units after swing.
Brake systems.
Disc brake piston single page.
After the brake drum.
Home 70/90-14MC 34P.
After 90/80-14MC 49P.
Headlight 12 volt 25 watt / 25 watts x 2.
A dry battery.


More pics…

   yamaha mio125_iyamaha_mio125_k  yamaha_mio125_l    yamaha_mio125_m yamaha_mio125_n

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