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Apple Ipode- The next generation Ipod

Apple again send their Ipode’s to the World. Last January they have release iPode. Trully this Apple Ipode mania had been a hit in Manila. 5 office mates of mine have this Apple Ipode. Storing music,pictures and every music genre is not possible. Thanks to apple for sending us the very thinnest MP3 player.


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I got myIpode” as a gift from a friend when he came back to Manila. I was impress, IN order to move and copy files you need to download their iTunes. Hahahahaha…

Nonetheless, What I don’t like with Ipode is that they are very addictive. My ears hurts that I have them always with me. I also use it when cruisin with my Suzuki Hayate. It’s a best way to relax and enjoy the traffic.

With everything now possible. Ipode is the best way to deal with stress.

Another thing…

If you are looking for Apple Ipode… Ipode is a keyword with a HITLOD.

With a search resulting on about Results 1 - 10 of about 167,000 for ipode. (0.29 seconds and a yearly average worldwide traffic of ipode in all year of 2.0. This is a very nice keyword to optimize and join my long term keywords. Thanks for reading.

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