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nintendo DS lite pink

Sabi nga nila you need to enjoy life. My daughter Sam is graduating from Advanced Casa. It’s somewhat equivalent to Kindergarten during my school days. And as a present she requested for this Nintendo DS lite. It was all worthwhile since I just get my second checque for my Adsense account. Yesterday, We bought her this nintendo DS lite. I thought she will only be the one to get happy but instead all of us. There are lots of games but I observer this mini-box is interactive and educational. I now believe on what Harold told me. If you want a game box for your kids get  a nintendo DS. Thanks Man!

I’m still trying to get a grab on the Nintendo DS lite downloadable and will post here all the games I have tried on the DS.

By the way, the package includes a R4 adapter. Its a device that converts Mini-sd files into DS lite compatible games. Instead of playing the DS with a cartridge you only have to copy all the .nds files to the sd card and push it on the R4 adapter.

I just read from macuha that using this is illegal but damn I’ve bought in on an game shop. Hmmm just wondering….

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