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Karylle asap XV scandal

Another Swimsuit Malfunction scandal? I just wondering why there are lots of nips slips going on over that ASAP XV in Boracay. I just heard this from a friend that Karylle has also this swimsuit malfunction or Nips slip. There are rumors that pictures are being shared all-over the net.

 karylle asap xv scandal boracay

A picture or maybe a video of singer actress “Karylle Padilla Tatlonghari’s swimsuit malfunction” is also found spreading on the world wide web but I still haven’t seen it.

The scandalous photo was taken during the boracay episode of ASAP XV.

Tha said photos and/or maybe videos are now uploaded on different social networking sites like facbook, friendster, multiply, etc; it can also be viewed on youtube and other file-sharing sites.

As of this posting, there’s no official statement yet from Karylle Padilla.   Sorry for keeping you waiting. Here’s the link for the Karylle’s Picture

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