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suzuki hayate vs yamaha mio3 vs yamha nuovo z

yamaha_nouvo_Z yamaha_mio_main2




Just want to share this post from Erichombre of MCP.

For your info i own these 3 scoots and here's what i can tell u:
Ubox - Hayate or Nouvo Z (both can accomodate fullface helmets)
Handling - Hayate (bec i prefer a heavier scoot kasi mas stable)
Performance - They are almost the same but Hayate has a smoother engine
Gas consumption - Mio
Endurance - Same same
Reliability - Same same (as long as u maintain your scoot properly)
Headlights - Hayate, Nouvo Z then Mio (brightest to bright)
Seat height - Lowest to highest, Mio, Nouvo Z then Hayate
Price - Lowest to highest, Mio, Nouvo Z then Hayate
Parts and after-market - Yamaha scoots of course
Colors - All of them
Braking power - Nouvo z, Mio then Hayate
Resale value - no idea


If you are looking for a comparison about this three scooters here is is. Suzuki Hayate, Yamaha Mio and Nouvo Z.

If you need information about the about post please post a comment and I will be happy to reply for details.

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