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Wawa Dam instead of Lucban

wawa dam2 


My Lucban ride didn’t push thru today. I’m sorry I planned ahead to post it on my Holy week vacation post. But anyway, I just roam aroung the Metro and I think Wawa Dam in Montalban is a great destination. Here is the Map for the Location of Wawa DAM. It’s actually the end of the Road of Montalban Rizal.

map 1

wawa dam map 1

Map 2

wawa dam map2


If you are coming from Quezon City Circle, Take Commonwealth Avenue. then turn right to Batasan road. Trail along the Batasan Road until you see from your right QCPD Station 6-Batasan and also you will notice the Batasan Hills National High School. there is a stoplight on this intersection so you won’t miss it. Turn right now and you will then cross a bridge connecting San Mateo and Quezon City. Then After this Bridge a T-intersection. Take left turn. and From then on use the Second Map. It’s actually the main road that you will be traversing.


Here are some of  pictures I’ve taken along the way.

Pasneya 22 ans Shedha on New Shogun Pro 125










Clutch and Spring-


Parang sino ba?


 100_4275 100_4276 100_4277 100_4279 100_4280 100_4281 100_4282 100_4283 100_4284 100_4285 100_4286 100_4287  100_4289

Parang lahat ata ng bato dito ay Marble type of stone. antatalas atsaka anlalaki.

100_4290 100_4291 100_4292 100_4293 100_4264    100_4294 100_4295 wawa dam

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