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After P.O. 5 setup on Ross Vision Switcher

Last saturday I have to Go with My officemate to setup the Ross Vision Switcher.  The call time was 10Pm where we decided to meet at the office. At 12Midnight we are at the site. We waited for like 2 hours and decided to setup the Ross Vision Switcher. But the problem is the guy that we are supposed to met are not yet in the Studio.

How poor for us because we have to wait outside. Been able to bitten by mosquitoes all around. Damn, We decided to go inside the P.O. 5 stage. Have you notice the Car, the Toyota Car they supposed to raffle? I slept there at the front of the tire. Seems like I was hit and Run. Hahahahahha! Jamo told me, I was being ridicule by a bunch of Jejemons that are setting up the LED Video wall. Poor me! I don’t get enough Sleep. I don’t even nap. Because this Overtime work is an emergency. Calling on 911… emergency…

After setting up the Vision from here and there. Which approximates about 3 times of setting the Vision which they haven’t decided where it should permanently sit in. Atlast they have concluded to put it again at the same spot where it was. Oh SHit!!! I’m tired and you jejemons are really great… you make my life miserable. Bang! bang!!! bang!!!

I was able to go home at 8AM. Tired and no sleep. I got shocked when I here Jamo got 3 sleepless nights…So then again.. I say… what a work…what a world.. I love it!!


Come on make me busy Boss!

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