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If you can’t, then don’t

I have nothing to say. then I don’t Actually I have a hard time posting on my blog. But because today I saw a motorcycle accident just in a glimpse of an EYE. It happen today in Sikatuna-Anonas intersection. I’m heading for work. As usual my only route going to Mindanao ave. Trinoma.

I say this motorcycle rider lying on the pavement. I thought he was dead but when I was heading towards him the Rider eventually rise up. I felt relieve when I saw him. I go to him immediately and look into his situation. I asked the Guy if he is ok. But No reply. It seems he’s still dizzy with the accident. Or maybe shock on the situation. He got bruises on his legs. And hands. The Motorcycle is a Honda wave 100r.Damage to the bike are a broken rear set, a bar end that is bent. Side mirror that are broken. this is just what I noticed.

The accident happen when this Hyundai Starex abruptly make A U turn without using his SIgnal lights. He just make a U-turn when the bike is passing on his side. Might be that the bike is also on a blindside of the driver.

Eventually, a deputized Officer came to the rescue. He instructed the rider to went with him to Camp karingal for a medical checkup. Together with the Driver of the starex van. I don’t know if that was the right procedure because in my opinion. They shouldn’t have to move everything from the scene. A picture should be there taken whenever it is needed from the investigation.

To the rider, If you need help for witnesses on the crime Please do let me know. Even though I haven’t seen the actual accident. I was there to support that an Accident do happen and I can testify and be your witness.

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