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Etere MTX broadcast Automation + Videoserver

I’ve been very busy lately. I was trying to workout for this ETERE MTX together with Italian support.

What was this Etere MTX all about by the way. It’s a SD/HD format Video server but a Compact ALL in one Videoserver. Etere is selling this to it’s client with existing Etere automation. The main reason for the development is to compete on small player videoservers like AIRbox and Black Magic.

What was the hardware requirements to have this MTX work?

You actually need a big storage, basically around 1 TB of storage for a better and disk free problem that you will encounter due to small capacity hard drives. By the way, Hard drives nowadays are like pop corns. They are bought anywhere at cheaper price but higher capacity.

A Workstation with atleast an i5 or i7 processor.

An XP installed Operating system.

And a Matrox board which varies depending on your liking. If the TV network requires a lot of playout decoder it will be better to purchase a 2 input and 4 output Matrox Card. I have in our demo is a 1 input and 2 input Matrox Card. Capable of streaming HD and SD format. To be clear, You need to decide for the MTX box if you will go SD or HD on your playout. All though it can play mov, avi and qt format on mix mode but you still have to decide on what resolution to use.

For the Features of Etere MTX.

-It has a built-in Logo generator and Crawl with Unlimited Layer.

-Can be use to playout and ingest materials at the same time.

-easier management and great support from our online partners.

The Etere MTX is the solution for all regional network that have problem with Airbox.

If you need a Video server with automation as a whole package. We cover that for you. Give us a call at +6324264360 or leave a comment below.

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