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In review: Starcraft Beta


I've been playing the Starcraft II beta for a couple of days now. On the off chance you actually want to hear what I think about it, read on, reader, read on.

Before I get started, let me establish what I am. Or, rather, what I am not. I am not a "hardcore" Starcraft fan. Sorry. I loved Starcraft, yes, but I loved it in 1998. I played it then, I finished it, I got on with my life. So if you want somebody who goes toe-to-toe with Koreans, who can agonise over the minutest details of this sequel, from build times to scroll speeds to how this is going to affect your next competitive match, sorry. I'm not your man.

If you're a casual observer, though - as I imagine the vast majority of you are - then you'll probably be in the same boat as me; loved Starcraft back in the day, and are simply curious to see just what's changed (or hasn't changed) over the past 12 years. That, I can help you with.


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