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Should you buy a scooter? Here are one scenario before you buy.

It goes beguiling -- Yamaha creates a motor scooter, the C3, which brings forth 115 miles per gallon and costs about $2,000. Merely it has top speed is confined and such a vehicle genuinely alone adds up for someone with a very brusque change who dwells in a obtuse urbanized environment like municipal center Miami or South Beach.

Increase to a few of the heftier bikes and the fuel economy isn’t equally big. That Harley-Davidson you have constituted eyeing believably averages out close to 40 mpg, an estimate you will be able to accomplish in a wide array of subcompact automobiles that do not bring about you a individual exhibitor whilst it rains down.

All the same, motor scooter and bikes cut-rate sale* are emerging, exceeding more one million a year in 2007.

Glen Berdan bought his first scooter three years ago and drives by Hialeah to his business at Shorty's Bar-B-Q in Doral most days.

A tank of gas survived approximately 10 days and cost a mere $3.50 to fill. He has since spent $1,200 on a scooter that acquires even improved gas mileage. ''I can acquit groceries in between my legs,'' he said. ``It's brief trunks, where I put coffee and sugar.''

In one case a week, when he's the baby for the day, or when a serious food market trip expects, he goes to the garage, where he keeps a 1979 eight-cylinder Lincoln Continental. He feeds it only premium, at about $85 a tank.

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