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Hostage Drama

We had been the focused of this Hostage Drama last monday. Until now the spotlight are still on us. I was taking on considerations on how this hostage Drama affect the Google trends last week. For the keyword you are searching for “hostage drama” it sends me back a 636K of competition. Which is not good for a HITLOD and to make a blog post.

To give you a screenshot of the Competition here it is.


This means this keyword is not a good Keyword to push through. Since I was very optimistic that I can rank this keyword for quite some time. Let’s try and hit the SERP.

For the trends of the keyword, It’s not a whole year round searches. It’s actually a day search. There really is no point of working out and doing link building with this keyword. But Hey wait.. I still want to post this article of mine.


This is a keyword you shouldn’t post on your blog. First, because I made a post about it and you will just add up on the competition. Second, It’s a waste of time. I only post this for FUN and recreation. So get your keywords yourself and do a test on it.

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