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How to apply for a savings account on Chinabank

Yesterday I open a savings account on China Bank. I needed the account for my Paypal Transfer. So what are the requirements to open a CHINA Bank Savings account.


First you need to 3 Photos. The more recent would do best. Then you need to Fill-up 3 application cards and a Php1,000 initial deposit. I asked for how much is the ATM and Passbook to open a savings account but it cost a much. So then I asked the teller again how much for the Passbook alone and it cost Php 1000. I haven’t asked how much the ATM alone only to find out that its the same. WHeew.. After filling up the application form and have it processed then I have known the facts. I wish to have it on ATM as well but because it was 4PM in the afternoon so I decided to continue with the Passbook savings account. This would be for my ONLINE Money making thru my Blogs.

So if you decided to open an account with China bank. Ask for the complete details, They don’t give enough info when I  was there. They don’t give options so I can have my choice. I have to ask and ask.

I also enrolled my account for an online banking to have a hassle free transactions.

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